Questions and Answers

Question: Do you make cakes as well?

Answer: Yes we do! We make regular cakes and also cupcake cakes.

Question: Do you do gluten free and other similar options?

Answer: Yes! We make gluten free, vegan and also paleo treats. We use only the finest and environmentally friendly ingredients.

Question: Is there a delivery charge?

Answer: It depends on where you live or where you would like your order delivered. For anything within a thirty mile range is free delivery and anything outside of that there is a charge.

Question: Will you make colors and designs special for my wedding?

Answer: Yes of course. Weddings are all about the bride and the groom and we want to make that day special and memorable for everyone. Whether its the design, colors, theme or anything else exciting we will make it special.

Question: I’m having trouble on a how many to get what is your opinion?

Answer: First look at how many people are going to the event and then make sure you order a few more. If it is for a wedding we recommend around 100 to 150, but that is a rough estimate. It should be one cupcake for every attendee or two cupcakes if you decide to do minis.

Question: Do you do any discounts on large orders?

Answer: Yes. For every additional dozen you order we will take off the price of a cupcake. IE. 12 Dozen ordered for your wedding you will receive 1 dozen free!!

Question: do you make more than just cupcakes?

Answer: Yes! We also do regular cakes and other deserts!